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8 shocking predictions for life after 2020 from Google's genius futurist
Ray Kurzweil is the world's foremost futurist, authoring bestsellers like "The Age of Spiritual Machines" and "How to Create a Mind." He's so influential that Google hired him to lead its artificial intelligence efforts. Kurzweil is known for making predictions, which are right about 86% of the time.
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Explore the culture, tech, science and health revolutions set to become public by 2020. It's your future, discover what you're in for. India completes a massive optical fiber network that connects 600 million rural citizens to the Internet. 1 Japan completes exaflop supercomputer using ARM processors.
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World-Changing Innovations Announced at CES

Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events
Future timeline, a timeline of humanity's future, based on current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology such as Moore's Law, the latest medical advances, and the evolving geopolitical landscape.
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Tokyo 2020
Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan on Jul 24 - Aug 9. Official Olympic website with videos, photos, athletes, sports, events & news.
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How technology alters life in 2020
PREDICT the future and you can be certain of one thing: in the future, you'll be embarrassed by your mistakes. Pitch your prediction too far and it's science fiction that's forgot before the due date. Pitch it too soon and all you're doing is taking today's tech and giving it a once over.
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